Our Scanning-Electron-Microscope CamScan 24 works with magnification up to 100.000x with a resolution better than 5 nm.

The SEM is equipped with detectors for secondary and for back-scattered electrons.

The image information is provided digitally.


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Confocal Laser-Scanning-Microscope

The confocal laser-scanning-microscope Keyence VK 8700 (CLSM) is equipped with lenses for magnification 200x, 400x, 1.000x, 2.000x und 4.000x.

The wave-length of the laser is 680 nm.

CLSM is especially useful to get a detailled 3D information of scaled and fouled membrane surfaces.


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Digital Microscope

The digital microscope Keyence VHX 500 is equipped with two zoom-lenses with 20x - 200x and 100x - 1.000x magnification.

The light source of our digital microscope is especially chosen for the investigation of membrane surfaces.


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