Analytical Devices

ICP Inductively Coupled Plasma

The ICP-spectrometer is used for the analysis of the chemical elements in typical compounds in natural and industrial waters and in process solutions, e.g. metal-ions and sulfur.

Our device is equipped with an auto-sampler.


XFA X-Ray-Fluorescence-Analysator

With our X-ray-fluorescence-analysator it is possible to measure the elementary composition of liquid, pasty and solid samples.

As the analytical method is based on so-called fundamental parameters it is possible, to determine the concentration of almost all chemical elements above Mg, respectively Na in one single measurement.

The device is equipped to analyse 12 samples in one job.


GC-MS Gas-Chromatography with Mass-Spectrometry

Our GC-MS is mainly used to analyse organic compounds and gases in membrane separation projects.

It is possible to connect the device on-line to our gas membrane plants.


HPLC High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

The HPLC is equipped with a DAD-detector and is used to analyse organic compounds in our membrane separation research projects.


IC Ion-Chromatography

The IC is used to analyse cations and anions in natural and industrial waters.

For our research work we applied a special method to analyse low-molecular-weight organic acids.


UV-Vis Spectroscopy

The UV-Vis spectroscopy is applied for analysing the concentration of dissolved compounds in water. Their concentration is calculated according to the Lambert-Beer-law.